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Lakeport Announces Chief of Police: Dale Stoebe

Bob Hall & Associates would like to extend our congratulations to the City of Lakeport for their selection of Dale Stoebe as the City's next Chief of Police!


LAKEPORT, CA — The City of Lakeport is proud to announce the

selection of Captain Dale Stoebe as its next Police Chief,

succeeding Chief Brad Rasmussen upon his retirement later this

year. After an extensive national search facilitated by Bob Hall

& Associates Executive Recruiters, Captain Stoebe was chosen as

the top candidate through a rigorous assessment process. Council

Member Mattina expressed enthusiasm for Captain Stoebe's

appointment, stating, "I am excited to have Captain Stoebe take

the reins. He already understands the public safety needs of

Lakeport and has long established strong community


Captain Stoebe has been a dedicated member of the Lakeport

Police Department since 1990, having served in various

capacities including patrol officer, narcotics taskforce member,

and School Resource officer, where he was involved in teaching

the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. Promoted

to sergeant in 2006, he took on responsibilities in police

operations, recruiting, and internal affairs. His career further

advanced as he served as a detective and eventually became

second in command of the department, overseeing all its

functions. Captain Stoebe is also a distinguished graduate of

the FBI National Academy.

A lifelong resident of Lakeport, Captain Stoebe is deeply

integrated into the community, actively participating in local

groups and raising his family in the city he continues to serve

with distinction. Captain Stoebe expressed his appreciation

stating, "As someone who grew up here in this wonderful

community, it is both a profound honor and a personal

responsibility for me to serve as your Police Chief. I am deeply

committed to the safety and well-being of Lakeport, and I

promise to lead with the same dedication and care that I would

for my own family. Together, we will continue to foster a safe,

supportive, and thriving environment for all our residents."

The recruitment process started with executive recruiters

gathering input from the City Council, members of the Lakeport

community, police department staff, and City staff, which set

the stage for a nationwide search. This comprehensive process

culminated in four of the most qualified candidates

participating in interview panel assessments, which included a

diverse array of panels including multiple police chiefs, City

staff leadership, and a community panel. Following three hours

of interviews and being evaluated by thirteen different

assessors, candidates who most closely aligned with the public

safety needs of the community were invited to an interview with

City Manager, Kevin Ingram. Ingram said, “Captain Stoebe was

selected after receiving strong feedback from the Community

Panel as well as the other assessors and highlighting his deep-

rooted commitment to public safety in Lakeport.”

The City of Lakeport looks forward to Captain Stoebe's

leadership as he assumes his new role as Police Chief,

continuing to enhance the safety and well-being of the


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